Wajir Women for Peace (WWFP):

County: Wajir

Wajir Women for Peace (WWFP) is a local women organization in Wajir, created as an off shoot of the Wajir peace and development committee in 1993. It’s the oldest Women organization to be established in Northern Kenya. They have been articulating the role of women in peace building from their inception. They played a very crucial role in the Action Research by building the capacity of the rural pastoralists Women in the larger Somali cluster. And it enhanced the role of Women peace builders in civic education at county level and cross border forums and linking them to other networks of rural mediators, urban women elites and national women forums.
MISSION - To equip grassroots women in Wajir County and rural women in the cross border corridor with skills and knowledge to resolve conflicts through dialogue and mediation in their localities and hold their leaders accountable.
VISION - Enhance collaboration and cooperation between the diverse communities for achievement of sustainable and durable peace in the county and entire region.