Lotus Kenya Action for Development Organization (LOKADO)

County: Turkana

Founded in 2003 as a civil society organization, LOKADO is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in Kenya. It advocates for sustainable livelihoods and a harmonious society based on justice and good governance.

The foundation's original goal was to overcome the armed conflict between the Turkana herders and their neighboring communities in Uganda and Southern Sudan. The cross-border conflict, which threatened the livelihoods, peace, security and socio-cultural traditions of the Turkana people, particularly in the Turkana West district, was the overall objective.

All of LOKADO's efforts are aimed at peaceful cross-border coexistence. In the meantime, the organization has been able to expand its network and areas of activity to include cross-border activities, particularly in conflict prevention, food security, environmental protection and the strengthening of resilience to climate emergency preparedness and response, education in emergencies and integrated health change.
Mission: We exist to promote sustainable livelihoods and peaceful co-existence through peace and development, building resilience and service delivery.
Vision: A vibrant and sustaining institution that promotes a peaceful and just society built on people driven means.

Thematic areas
LOKADO operates in two arms: Resilience & development and humanitarian and refugee services. Areas of focus - Cross border peace; Resilience and livelihoods building; WASH; Agro-biodiversity; Resilience learning activity ( Joint work planning); Energy and environment; General food distribution for the refugees; Clean energy production; Climate change.