Response and Preparedness

Enabling local partners, Government and communities to be able to respond to any emergencies in a timely, effectively and efficiently manner and Strengthening capacity of local partners, Government Institutions and communities to detect, prevent and prepare for any emerging disasters.

  • Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MPCA)
Local organizations in AHN in partnership with international and national actors actively implement initiatives to cushion the most vulnerable households against the impact of humanitarian crisis such as drought or floods. The Kenya Drought Response in the Arid and Semiarid Lands (ASAL) implements the Multipurpose Cash Assistance/cash transfers.

MPCA is an emergency and immediate short-term response to the drought situation where cash is transferred to beneficiaries through a cash transfer platform like Mpesa. It targets the most vulnerable community members using an agreed-on vulnerability criteria to select the most affected households. This intervention aims at giving people the dignity and freedom to determine their most pressing household priorities during a crisis. 

The amount given is 50% of the Minimum Expenditure Basket (MEB) per county calculated on a monthly market assessment by the Kenya Cash Working Group based on the cost of the basic food items per household in every county. The Minimum Expenditure (MEB) is the average minimum monetary requirement for a household to meet its basic need on a regular or seasonal basis.

Multipurpose Cash Transfers (MPCT) have been directly paid to over 35,000 identified vulnerable households for monthly cycles between 3-10 cycles across 8 most drought affected counties at adjusted values based minimum expenditure baskets (quarter updated joint market monitoring by the Kenya cash technical working group).