Women for Peace and Development WFPD

County: Mandera

WFPD is a women welfare organization that was established in order to address the felt needs of women in Mandera County and its neighborhood who have been marginalized in the community’s mainstream development programs. This gender disparity has been linked to the structural social disparity between sex and poverty, which is not merely a state of low income but a human condition characterized by the sustained deprivation of the capabilities, choices and power necessary for the enjoyment of fundamental rights.

WFPD has strong organizational capacity and strength to play an influential and catalytic role in nurturing desired positive changes for the progress and development of the local people of Mandera County and its neighborhood as evidenced by its operations and success in its years of programs implementation.

Our Vision -The marginalized and the vulnerable groups in Mandera and beyond embrace and appreciate peace and economic development through lobbying, networking and advocacy.

Our Mission-To eliminate violence facing our most vulnerable groups such as women and girls in Mandera County and its neighborhood.

Areas of focus 
• Women Economic Empowerment
• Women Human Rights
• Peace, Security and Good Governance
• Organizational Development and Capacity