Gender and Protection

Various interventions on how we are working with communities. We don’t just work on women rights without involving men. Men still play a critical role. We do not undermine the cultures that we have, uphold them and protect them. 
Interventions on gender and protection include; 
  1. One on one meetings with survivors of SGBV to identify those at risk, in need of medical care, psychosocial support
  2. Map out referral pathways and available services. Organize forums, talk with police, chiefs, CHVs. Go beyond and seek legal assistance. 
  3. Gender and protection assessment 
  4. Awareness creation on GBV prevention through diverse methodologies: radio talkshows(currently ongoing in Samburu), public barazas, communication materials/flyers/posters
  5. For survivors of SGBV: Referrals for medical support, teambuilding to regain confidence. 
  6. Cash Transfers that 100% target women